Traveldiary Amsterdam


Here are a few impressions from our Amsterdam trip. My sister and I have been to Amsterdam before, so this had been our second trip to the Neatherlands. So this time we just enjoyed the little streets and corners, the shops and cafes. We really had some relaxed and nice days.

We took the plane to Amsterdam, which was really easy and quick. I would recommend flying to Amsterdam if your having only a few days to visit the city. The easiest way to get around in Amsterdam is taking the local transportations like Bus (from the Airport) and the tram inside the city. To explore the little streets, called „Grachten“ I recommend just walking or renting a bike.

Tipp : Buy a 48h ticket on the tram, 12,50 Euro per Person and you can use this ticket for 2 days, as often as you like.



My favourite parts of Amsterdam are „Harlem“, „Jordan“ and the „9 Grachtjes“. They are located close to the center DAM Square. There are so many cute cafes and shops located ther. I loved wandering around the little streets and exploring some hidden locations. But I don´t want to give away to many things, because I have already planed another blogpost about where to eat and where to shop in Amsterdam. So stay tuned !





If your interested in art like me and my sister, I would recommend visiting the „Rijksmuseum“ which is located in the Museums Square. You can adore Rembrandts „Night Watch“, Vermeers „The Milkmaid“ and also a few of Van Gogh’s paintings. If you like the art of Van Gogh you can also viste the huge „Van Gogh Museum“ , close to the Rijksmuseum. Or if your more interessted in Modern Art have a closer look at the „Stedelijk Museum“.

I also recommend downloading the „Trip Advisor“ APP on your cellphone. I found this app really helpfull to find breakfast / lunch spots and also to find hot spots in the city your visiting.


Have you ever been to Amsterdam? And if so, where are your favourite spots to go to ?! I would love to read about it in the comments, or maybe you could link your own travelpost about Amsterdam underneath this post!

xx Lisa Marie


living in a gallery


Hey everybody,

todays post is a new one for category „Travel“. Last weekend my boyfriend and I decided to go to Cologne for 2 days. Just to escape daily struggles and also to celebrate our 7 year anniversary.

I love fancy hotels. So when I discoverd the 18th Art Hotel I knew I had to book it. Every room in this hotel is designed by a different artist. We stayed in the room „Love Lyrics“, which was designed in a plane white with a red wood floor. I really loved the details such as the quotes and poems written on the wall and the cute heart shaped bedside lamps. If your visiting cologne soon someday you should definitely check out 18th Art Hotel.

It really is like your „Living in a Gallery“ 🎨💘









Another one of my highlights of this hotel, has been the amazing bathroom. I loved the wall (look at the golden mosaic stones😍) and the rainshower. But you should definitely book this room only with a person your really comfortable with because the only thing separating the bathroom with the bedroom is a glass door and wall.. so theres ZERO privacy 😂.

Another great feature has been this Samsung tablet which every room offers. It comes in great handy when your looking for some great spots to eat or go out.

So I hope you enjoy todays post.

Ischia Travel Diary


We´re back.

We spend the last week in beautiful Ischia in Italy.

Italy always has a special place in my heart. In a weird way I always feel a strong connection to this country. Since i´ve already been to Venice, Praha and a weekend in Munich this year, my summer vacay lead me to Ischia. It is an island near Naples and close to Capri.We had a great time, very relaxing. We enjoyed Italian Gelato and Pizza and saw a lot of great spots close to Ischia, like the Vesuv and Pompeji.

So here´s a glimpse of our trip to Ischia and our very own Italian Days !











Weekendtrip Munich 

Currently I am on my way back home, after a great weekend girlstrip to Munich. Me and my friend Alexandra stayed at the beautiful Motel One in Munich. 
If you’re looking for a nice, stylish hotel, close to the city but also in a quiet area, choose Motel One ! You will probably find a few cheaper Hotels in Munich, but the Interior, Service and Location pays off !! 

So here are a few impressions from our stay in Munich. Hope you enjoy 💜


traveldiary Prague


Die Feiertage über Ostern (& den Geburtstag meiner Mamutschka) habe ich in der Tschechischen Hauptstadt Prag verbracht. Ich muss ehrlich gesagt gestehen, dass ich mir vorher keine allzugroßen Gedanken zu Prag gemacht habe.. Umso überraschter war ich von dem, was mich dort erwartete.

Ich kann euch Prag für einen Städtetrip wirklich nur empfehlen. Es gibt unheimlich viel kulturelles zu sehen, viel Natur und auch die Shoppingangebote sind nicht zu verachten.



Wir sind Freitags gegen 6:00 Uhr mit dem Auto losgefahren, mit knapp 5 Stunden ist die Strecke auch gut zu bewältigen. Nach einem kurzen Stop im Hotel, ging es auch gleich auf Entdeckungstour in die Innenstadt. Hier ein erster Tipp, wer nicht „Lauf-Faul“ ist kann alles gut zu Fuß ablaufen, ansonsten gibt es überall Haltestellen der Straßenbahn.

Top Sights to See

  • Karlsbrücke
  • Wenzelplatz
  • Rathaus und Astronomische Uhr
  • Prager Altstadt
  • Wallenstein Palast
  • Rudolfinum
  • die Tanzenden Häuser
  • die Prager Burg
  • die Deutsche Botschaft
  • …….. mehr findet ihr unter



Prag ist eine moderne, hippe City, die aber dank der tollen Architektur (ich habe gefühlte 1.000 Fotos auf meinem Handy nur von Häuserfassaden 😀 ) unheimlich charmant ist und Flair hat. Eine wirklich perfekte Mischung wie ich finde.

Es gibt viele verschiedene stylische Cafes und Restaurants, riesige Shoppingmalls mit Shops wie Sephora, Topshop, Kiehls usw. Eines meiner Highlights war das Spielwarengeschäft Hemleys London, ein echtes Paradies 😍😍. Ein echtes Shoppingparadies!! (Tipp: Geld umtauschen könnt ihr fast an jeder Ecke in Prag)






Eine Schifffahrt auf der Moldau eröffnet einem nochmal einen ganz anderen Blick auf die Stadt. Bootsfahrten werden an fast allen Touristischen Hotspots angeboten, wir haben uns für die „Venice Canal“ Tour entschieden (hier kommt ihr zur Homepage).

Einen tollen Blick „von oben“ auf die Stadt habt ihr vom Metronom im Park Letna, man kann die ganze Stadt überblicken und entkommt dem Trubel der Innenstadt.

Eine tolle Übersicht über alle Highlights und Must-See´s findet ihr auf dieser Seite !