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I am always seeking inspiration if it comes to fashion. It took me quite a while to develop my personal style. And sometimes there a still moments in which I struggle with getting THAT perfect look together.

Getting fashion inspiration is really easy these days, thanks to social media like Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr and (of course!) Fashionblogs. But beside that, I will always be a sucker for cute and pretty books. So in this post I would like to show you my favorite fashion inspo in Print.

So lets get started…

#1 (all time fave) „How to be Parisian wherever you are“💎

I am and always will be a big admirer of French Women.💋 I dont know what it is, but they always manage to look so chic and effortless without looking like they put hours and hours infront of a mirror minding about what to wear. Especially the Parisians.. Paris is my favorite city on this planet and I always feel „home“ whenever I get there. 

This book is a really inspiring one. Not just about fashion, but about love, life and art.

#2 Capture Your Style by Aimee Song

Aimee lives in LA, has Korean roots, writes a really great fashion blog (Song of Style ) and has one of the most inspiring instagram feeds I know. Thankfully she decided to write a book just about that : the perfect Instagram Feed. ! I love this book so much because it is printed really beautifully and the pictures in there are insane. So inspiring and addictiv that you just want to spend your time rearranging your insta photos and planning the next things you wanna post.💘

#3 It by Alexa Chung

This book is Art it self. 🌸 🦄 I can´t really say what the book is about. Let´s just say its about all the pretty & fun things in life (of Alexa Chung) and a glimps into fashion industry. 🌸I flick through this book whenever I feel stuck in everyday life and I´m in dying need to feel like a free spirited human beeing again…💘 (some movies help too when I´m in that kinda mood, but thats another story… or maybe another blog post !?)  Here´s a glimps of  „It“ :

“ I like dinosaurs like a nine-year-old boy likes dinosaurs. I´m not quite sure why but I just love them. Perhaps it´s that they were so huge, or so long ago, or so mysterious.“

„My grandpa Kwan was a skinny Chinese man (….) I respected his taste in food almost as much as his taste in clothes. (…) It wasn´t until I got older that I realized Grandpa Kwan had serious style. (….) In fact. Granda Kwan was a fashion legend.“








I do have a few other books that inspire me whenever I need it. But these three I talked about are by far my favorite ones.

I really hope you enjoyed todays post. I really do like to put more effort in my blog. I love writing about things I love and sharing it with the world. Let me know in the comments which books / apps etc. are your Go-To´s when your in need of inspiration.



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