giving back.

Something I really wanna talk about, is „giving back“.

The older I get, the more I realize how fortunate I am. You begin to understand that things like health, family and a home, are so much more important than any designer bag, fancy vacation or how many Instagram followers you have!

I feel like those last things mentioned have become more and more important to most people today. Which, to me, is a really sad thing to happen.

Since I started to work for my own money and I am able to buy me (almost) everything I really want and (mostly don’t) need, I really wanted to give something back to people, who don’t have the fortune / luck /possibilities to live a life with all things necessary.

I also think my job as a nurse changed my mind a lot. If you’re always confronted with so much pain, sadness, loose and death, you probably start appreciating life and especially the little things so much more. I really try to worship every day that me, my family and friends are healthy and happy. I am thankful for my home, a full fridge and a healthy body.

Honestly it isn’t always that easy, everyone has bad days where everything is just not enough and you feel bad about your life, which is normal. But we all should really try to remember, that there are people who have to go through so much more bad things in life.

I try to give back in different kind of ways. So in today’s post I like to introduce you to a few organizations I support.

Plan International
I have a godchild in Africa which I support with a monthly amount of money (which you can actually set yourself). You get a regularly report about your godchild, receive photos and letters from the family. I feel this godparenthood via Plan International is such a easy way to support children who are not as privileged as we are. And I love receiving photos of my godchild, learning about her life, seeing her going to school and receiving the education every child should get.

If you want to learn more about the organization visit there website here :

Plan International

  • DKMS

I have to admit I am a really new member to this organization. But isn’t it so easy to help people save a life with something you carry around in your body?!!

If your not familiar with this organization, the DKMS is „a international organization dedicated to the fight against blood cancer and blood disorders by (…) recruiting bone marrow donor’s to provide a second chance at life;(…)“.

It’s really easy to get involved. Just follow the steps on there website to register yourself as a bone marrow donor.


  • Organspende / organ donation

The following text will be in German because the organization mainly works in Germany. But I am pretty sure that there are similar organizations in each country for organ donations.

Für mich als Krankenschwester ist ein Organspendeausweis ein Muss. Natürlich sollte und muss jeder selbst entscheiden was mit seinem Körper passiert nach dem Tod. Ich bin jedoch der Ansicht, wenn ich nach meinem Tod jemandem mit meinen Organen ein Weiterleben ermöglichen kann, ist das für mich eine Selbstverständlichkeit.

Ob ihr nun Organspender werden wollt oder nicht, solltet ihr jedoch so oder so schriftlich auf einem Spenderausweis festhalten.

Mehr Informationen findet ihr unter der Website :

Organspende Info


The easiest way to give back without having to register or subscribe to a organization : open your eyes while walking through a city or your neighborhood. Maybe there is a local organization you can support. Donate some of your clothes or talk to homeless people. (I had a lovely conversation with a homeless man and his dog last week! I smiled hours later about this meeting and felt so happy about our little conversation!!)

As you see, there are many ways of giving back. I know this subject is really different from my usual one’s here on the blog, but it is really important to me!!!

We should never take anything we have for granted!!!

Let me know your thoughts about this subject down in the comments. And thank you for taking the time to read through this whole article!

all pictures used, belong to each organization mentioned ×found via google image search×




Since there is only one day left of the year, I really wanted to do a 2017 Recap 🎆🎉. This year had been really great especially travel whise. As you may know I LOVE traveling. So these are the places I’ve been visiting this year:

  • 2017 started off with a weekend trip to Hamburg together with my friend Christina💜👭 We saw the Musical „Aladdin“, had great food and went shopping 🙌🏽. We stayed in a really cozy AirBnB and felt right at home.💘💘


  • In March my sister Lena and I traveled to Venice. And I can definitely say this was one of our favorite trips E V E R. The beauty of this city is just breathtaking 💘 We enjoyed every minute we spend there and I would definitely love to come back. If you would like to read more about our trip to Venice read my Travel post Here.


  • In April we spend a few days in Prague. I actually didn’t had any expectations and I was more then surprised about how pretty this city actually is 📸. There are so many pretty streets and corners. I also really liked our boat ride on the Moldau river. And the food was definitely a highlight 😱 If you need some more inspo you can find my travel post HERE


  • In July my boyfriend and I enjoyed a week in Ischia / Italy.🍋 I absolutely fell in love with this island. It is just sooooooo pretty. We also visited Neapel (briefly) and Pompeii. I would really recommend Ischia for a summer vacation.🏖️ For more inspiration check out my Travel Diary HERE !


  • I also stayed a weekend in beautiful Munich with my friend Alexandra 💜🛍️. We visited the „Glamour Beauty Convention“ which was really fun. We had some nice insta food 🥞🍓and totally made the most out of the 2 days.📸👭 Link to my Munich post HERE


  • Next one on the list : Breslau / Wroclaw. In September my sister and I traveled together with our grandfather to his birthplace in Poland. We really enjoyed exploring the city where my grandpa and his family used to live. And by the way we discovered that Wroclaw is a really pretty city. Find my Travel Diary HERE !


  • October was all about a weekend anniversary trip to Cologne. We stayed at a really fancy hotel (read my article HERE), went to the Ludwig Museum (really recommend this place, lovely art and the interior is amazing) and had a really great breakfast with some French toast, Pancakes and more😍🙌🏽


  • Last but not least : Amsterdam in November together with my sister. We’ve both been to Amsterdam before but we really love this city with it’s cute cafes, shops and streets called Grachten. I’ve wrote a couple of posts about Amsterdam so feel free to follow these links if you just want to read about our Amsterdam trip in general HERE , about where to eat HERE , or my favorite shopping areas HERE.


I really hope you enjoyed my travel recap of 2017. And I can’t wait for all the things coming in 2 0 1 8 🎉🎆Where have YOU been this year and what was your favorite trip?

Amsterdam – where to shop .Vintage.


I feel like this post should have been gone live on the blog a couple of weeks ago. But I got totally stuck with work and things.

But I am desperate to share these photos and especially Shopping tips with you from Amsterdam.

I love Amsterdam for shopping. There are so many cute boutiques and independent shops to browse through. I love exploring all the little streets and corners for some cute and extravagant clothes. As you may know, I love Vintage shopping. I just feel like the clothes you buy there has much more soul and history in them. And it’s so much more unique when you find a cute „oldfashioned“ sweater or some used Levis denim jeans or shorts (which I am still on the hunt for… just saying🤔).

So here are my favourite shopping areas in Amsterdam.




This is actually a more crowded shopping area, really close to the central station. But it offers a lot of cute cafes and shops with unique home stuff and great things to buy as a gift for friends and family. One shop we really enjoyed browsing through is called „It’s a present“ (find there website HERE). They have so many fun and cute things and also a really nice home section (see upper photos).



The 9 Grachtjes

This area is really cozy. There are 9 streets, located next to each other filled with the C U T E S T boutiques and home decor shops you’ll probably ever seen. Also, there are located a few vintage shops called „Episode“. They have so many options and you can find some great treasures there (I got myself a pair of Dr.Martens for only 35€ 🙌).




Probably my favourite area in Amsterdam. Again really cute boutiques and clothing shops. The streets where already decorated with christmas lights which made it even more magical. This area is actually more calm and relaxed. Also pretty for taking instagram photos😉.


Kalverstraat / Leidsestraat

If your more into the regular shopping experience, the Kalverstraat close to the DAM City Center is your place to go. There you can find all the Highstreet stores like H&M, Zara, River Island, Bershka, Pull&Bear, Urban Outfitters, Forever21 …. just to name a few. Really crowded place, especially on the weekend.


So here is a list of my fave Vintage Shops around Amsterdam. If you’re looking for a fashionable souvenir, some fancy accessories or just a nice shopping experience, have a look around in these places :

  • Episode Waterlooplein 1 and Berenstraat 1
  • Rumors Vintage Haarlemmerstraat 99
  • Zipper Huidenstraat 7 and Nieuwe Hoogstraat 8
  • Bij Ons Vintage Reestraat 13 and Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 150
  • Wini Vintage Haarlemmerstraat 29

Amsterdam – where to eat.


OH MY GOD ! The Food.  Amsterdam is great for food lovers.

There are so many cute and hip cafes and breakfast spots in Amsterdam, it’s hard to chose.

The Trip Advisor App came in real handy while we were looking for places to eat. There are recommendations from „real people“ and also all Informations listed that you will need, like „is this place great for vegetarians“ / „Opening hours“ / „do they serve breakfast“ etc. (this is not sponsored, just a App that I found really helpfull and I would love to recommend to other fellow travellers 🙂 )

So here’s a list of all the places we really enjoyed to eat at.


Anne & Max 

Located a bit off the centrum, you can find this cute cafe near „The Hallen“ in Amsterdam (where you can shop at independent Boutiques, stop at the Food Corner with a lot of Food trucks etc.) We ordered the „Breakfast for Two“ (which you can see at the very top photo in this post). And all I can say is : the BEST breakfast we EVER had. Just look at all these goodies. 12,50 Euro each (a total of 25 Euros) for this more than big breakfast is a great deal. We T O T A L L Y recommend this place

Anne & Max / Tollensstraat 57 Amsterdam

Website Anne & Max



Mook Pancakes

When you visit Amsterdam, you HAVE TO eat some Panekooken !

Mook Pancakes has the BEST Pancake Menu you can think of. We ordered the „Chocolat Sensation“ and the „Blueberry Deluxe“ Pancakes. And Oh my Gosh, they we’re sooo good. And also look at this Interior. This is one thing, I really miss in Germany. Cute and stylish Locations with great food. The service was really nice, and they serve a fantastic fresh Mint tea. And I really think those food pic’s speak for themself…

MOOK Pancakes / De Clercqstraat 34H Amsterdam

Website Mook Pancakes





Le Pain Quotidien

A fancy, organic cafe. We ordered the Oatmeal with fruits and cinnamon, some french toast an side baguette with jam. This spot also serves gluten free food and, as already mentioned they only use Organic Ingridients. The portions of food are fine, but a bit expensive.

Le Pain Quotidien / Spuitstraat 266 Amsterdam

Website Le Pain Quotidien


A really cute and cozy place. We enjoyed a nice breakfast with bread, scrambled eggs and fresh herbs. I also ordered a Chai Latte and we had some organic apple juice. I really loved the relaxed vibe. The interior is lovely, the girls who worked there we’re really nice and the food was tasty aswell.

Vinnies / Haarlemmerstraat 46 HS Amsterdam

Website Vinnies

Traveldiary Amsterdam


Here are a few impressions from our Amsterdam trip. My sister and I have been to Amsterdam before, so this had been our second trip to the Neatherlands. This time we just enjoyed the little streets and corners, the shops and cafes. We really had some relaxed and nice days.

We took the plane to Amsterdam, which was really easy and quick. I would recommend flying to Amsterdam if your having only a few days to visit the city. The easiest way to get around in Amsterdam is taking the local transportations like the bus (from the Airport) and the tram inside the city. To explore the little streets, called „Grachten“ I recommend just walking or renting a bike.

Tipp : Buy a 48h ticket on the tram, 12,50 Euro per Person and you can use this ticket for 2 days, as often as you like.



My favourite parts of Amsterdam are „Harlem“, „Jordan“ and the „9 Grachtjes“. They are located close to the center DAM Square. There are so many cute cafes and shops located there. I loved wandering around the little streets and exploring some hidden locations. But I don´t want to give away to many things, because I have already planed another blogpost about where to eat and where to shop in Amsterdam. So stay tuned !





If your interested in art like me and my sister, I would recommend visiting the „Rijksmuseum“ which is located in the Museums Square. You can adore Rembrandts „Night Watch“, Vermeers „The Milkmaid“ and also a few of Van Gogh’s paintings. If you like the art of Van Gogh you can also viste the huge „Van Gogh Museum“ , close to the Rijksmuseum. Or if your more interessted in Modern Art have a closer look at the „Stedelijk Museum“.

I also recommend downloading „Trip Advisor“ from the app store. I found this app really helpfull to find breakfast / lunch spots and also to find museums and important sights in the city your visiting.


Have you ever been to Amsterdam? If so, what are your favourite spots to visit?! I would love to read about it in the comments, or maybe you could link your own travelpost about Amsterdam underneath this post!

xx Lisa Marie